In the center (the mother crystal): Citrine
 Citrine is a sunny and warming stone. The stone promotes self-confidence, self-esteem, individuality, extraversion and stimulates self-realization. It gives energy, joy of life and courage and helps to overcome depression and fears.
Inner circle: Rock crystal & Rose quartz
Rock crystal is a stone with enormous healing power and ideally suited for healing and energetic work. The stone regulates energy, absorbs energy, gives energy and stores energy according to what is needed.  Because rock crystal is so neutral and pure, the stone can be charged for any (energetic) effect and can also enhance the effect of other stones. It protects the aura and cleans and balances the chakras. Mentally, rock crystal promotes concentration and clear thinking.
Rose quartz is known as the stone of the heart and love. The stone has a strong effect on the heart chakra and opens the heart to receive love and to give love. Rose Quartz has a mild, gentle effect and has a calming effect on grief and trauma and strengthens empathy, openness and helpfulness.
Outer circle: Red rock crystal & Ametrien
Red rock crystal is the pure and energetic cleansing of Rock Crystal combined with the power and manifesting values of Iron and Hematite. This stone helps manifest on Earth, soil powerfully, removes negativity and even helps with problems such as frustrations and anger attacks.
Ametrine consists of a combination of amethyst and citrine and combines the energy of these two stones. Ametrine stimulates creativity. It helps to lift energetic blockages and ensures a good flow of energy. The stone is perfect for meditating as it can give you support and insight.
All these magical stones surrounding the “mother crystal”, will impower her energy.
This magical crystal grid will bring you strenght, happines and a loving energy.
It is ideally to hang your magical grid above your bed, ,or to hang it somewhere central in your home.

This crystal grid will come with a card containing all this information!

29 cm x 29 cm


Magical Crystal Grid wall decoration