This athame is decorated with a piece of Citrine, Amethyst and Rock crystal. Rock crystal is a stone with enormous healing power and ideally suited for healing and energetic work. The stone regulates energy, absorbs energy, provides energy and stores energy according to what is needed in a particular situation. Amethyst has a protective, purifying, relaxing effect, brings harmony and inner peace. It clears your mind and provides insight into your behavior and the choices you make.Citrine is protective, uplifting and attracts happiness, success and prosperity. This sunny stone reduces depression, anxiety disorders and destructive behavior and gives courage, energy and makes you enjoy life! 

The athame has been handcarved from Ebony wood. The eboney wood amplifies magnetic energy and it's revered as the most powerful and protective of wood types

31cm  x 3cm


Magical Athame crystal wicca ritual