“Sanitatem Somnium”
{Healing dream} 

This spiritual wand has been made from Heather wood. 
Symbolizing admiration and good luck, heather is also believed to have protective powers.
Blue Fluorite is an ideal stone for spiritual awakening. It heals soul fragmentation from the present or past lives, and aids cellular memory healing. The Purple Fluorite is a stone of protection, thought to become more protective the longer it is used, and is an ideal “Dream Crystal,” defending one from evil spirits and bad dreams. 
It radiates a marvelous energy throughout the body relieving stress and spiritual discomfort.

On the pictures the blue fluorite looks baby blue. In real sunlight it looks more deeper/blue turquoise colour.

22 x 3,5 cm

“Sanitatem Somnium” {Healing dream}  Wand