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Witches spellbook notebook

Witches spellbook

Embossed notebook with black cat, pen included, blanc pages.
17cm x 13cm

Witches spellbook notebook € 19,95
Book of shadows notebook

Book of shadows

Embossed notebook with raven and pen, blanc pages.
17cm x 13cm

Book of shadows notebook € 19,95  
Witching hour notebook
Lisa Parker

Witching hour

Embossed notebook with kitten
blanc pages.
Cover design by Lisa Parker. 
17cm x 13cm

Witching hour notebook € 14,95  
Dragon\'s lair notebook
Anne Stokes

Dragon's lair

The fabric cover is decorated with an image by Anne Stokes.
Blanc pages
14cm x 21cm

Dragon's lair € 14,95 € 9,95
Knight in armor pencil sharpener

 Knight in armor

Pencilsharpener. Made of metal.
10cm x 4cm
Knight pencil sharpener € 5,95
Magnifying glass roses

Magnifying glass Roses

Petwer magnifying glass with roses.
5cm x 12cm

Magnifying glass Roses € 29,95  
Goose Feather Quill with ink

 Goose feather quill with ink

Pewter pen with goose feather and bottle of black ink

Black Feather quill with ink € 49,95  
Feather quill with ink € 49,95  
Brown Feather quill with ink € 49,95  
Pen holder

 Pen holder

Pen holder made of pewter and glass.
5cm x 2cm

Pen holder € 12,50
Dragon notebook

Dragon book

Notebook with resin cover and blanc white pages.
20cm x 16cm

Dragon notebook € 24,95
tree man note book

 Tree man

Note book with blanc pages and resin casted cover. The pages and the cover are bound together with a leather strap. Painted by hand.
20cm x 16cm

Tree man note book € 29,95  
Zombie pen holder

 Zombie Pen holder

Zombie stabbed by your pen or pencil, so he wont annoy you any more.
Made of resin, painted by hand

Zombie pen holder € 19,95
Book of Dreams

Book of dreams

Genuine leather book with hand scooped blanc paper pages, to be filled with your dreams and thoughts.
25cm x 19cm
Book of dreams € 72,50  
37 found, which of 12 are shown.
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