Angel Jewelry

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Angel Jewelry

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Prayer for the fallen Cameo
Anne Stokes

Prayer for the fallen Cameo

Beautiful pendant on a satin cord (45cm) featuring art work by Anne Stokes.
Metal nikkle free, with glass crystal.
6cm x 4cm
Prayer for the fallen Cameo € 19,95
Angel wing ear jewel
Chimera Original

Angel wing ear jewel

Ear jewel that covers the whole ear. hooks over the top, with one litle stud going through the earlobe
(for left ear only)
made of 925 silver

Angel wing ear jewel € 55,00  
Angel wing ring

Angel wing ring

Ring with angel wings and a heart, symbol of protection of beloved

Angel wing ring € 35,00
angel pendant


Angel pendant made of silver


Angel pendant € 29,95
Angel Wings small

Angel wings

Angel wings to protect you.
925 sterling silver
Angel wings pendant € 19,95  
6 found, which of 6 are shown.
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